Showcase of Curiosities - 96 photos - Workshop \ Images \ Digital

Always been obsessed with maps & making visual representations of past journeys.    Started uploading to SmugMug when Google announced their intended assassination of Panoramio.    I'd gotten into the habit of adding links & background research mostly to counteract the erosion of memories.

Also, family pictures and my shots of relatives' weddings needed an archive and means of distribution.    So maybe it's time to add more of a face to this website.   I pulled together about a hundred of my favorite shots & rearranged them in random order . . . . but couldn't resist tampering.

Themes and connections seemed to suggest themselves almost spontaneously, whether composition, color, shape, location, subject matter, or social / political comment  -  a variety of quality spread across a dozen years, using cameras ranging from 3.2 to 24.1 megapixels.

Three Options:   scroll down, open individual photos, or click the slideshow arrow far right.     Full screen / slideshow controls:  override 4 second slide timing with screen or keyboard arrows  -  stop / resume arrow lower left  -  exit / return X at top right

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