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PUBLIC FOLDER  -  ARCHITECTURE & LANDSCAPE  -  Folders by location or subject  -  For videos (slideshows with music) see below and my Vimeo website  -  PUBLIC photos and videos are not downloadable

Use diagonal arrows to go full frame on photos & videos  -  on gallery pages, use slideshow arrow top right  -  to override 4 second slide interval use keyboard or screen arrows

Links to internal & external URLs are in Red  -  To get back to the page you were viewing, close the link window or use your browser back button  -  Do not click "X" to close a linked photo  -  Links to Google street view are live (not still images)

To open a location map, open an individual photo and click on the i icon at bottom right  -  all maps are interactive with pan/zoom, map/aerial photo, & thumbnails at markers.

If you're really nuts like me, you can copy the coordinates by swiping in the i info box and pasting the numbers into the search-box of Google Maps or Google Earth Pro.  Delete the word Longitude and make sure there are spaces between the latitude and longitude coordinates.

Don't delete any minus signs (indicates west from the Greenwich Meridian or south of the equator).  It's just as quick to do this as it is to zoom in on the SmugMug maps and wait for the satellite image to download.  SmugMug coordinates are given to five places of decimals - that’s a resolution on the ground at the equator of 3.6 feet. 

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