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Back in December 2015, not wanting my visage or real name plastered all over Google Earth & Google Maps via Panoramio, I searched my archive for an avatar.  I had taken a few shots of Grauman's Chinese Theater and thought that the column capital of the main portico portrayed sufficient gravitas.  I named my alter ego wroughtirondragon.  Now that Panoramio is no more, I'm ditching the name, but I've decided to keep his cheerful face around a while longer.  In order to avoid the hassle of changing my website's URL https://wid1.smugmug.com  I fabricated a name with the same initials.

For a complete view of the front of the building, zoom in three times on this great photo in Wikipedia Commons by Carol Highsmith.

It's now called the TCL Chinese Theater, but what I didn't realize was the extent of renovation required to convert it to IMAX.

Hollywood Blvd & Chinese Theater
Hollywood Blvd & Chinese Theater

As for me:  WASAAAP . . . . White Anglo-Saxon Atheist Architect Amateur Photographer . . . . In that order   -   Digital Photography & Me

HOMEpage photo location:  Orient, North Fork, Long Island, NY

. . . . Somewhat embarrassed to admit that only now in November 2017, while revamping this site to be more friendly to iPads & 27" iMacs (both of which I have now acquired!), did I delve a little deeper into Carol Highsmith's decision to donate her lifetime's work to the Library of Congress.  Checking out her Wikipedia link above and this 2011 one hour interview on C-SPAN, it became apparent she & I have several commonalities: a documentary approach to image making, concern for the disappearing American environment (rural and urban), a taste for off-beat artifacts, and high definition images (as demonstrated by her intent to purchase a new $60,000 Phase One camera).  However - see her interview at 55:50:  "You can take an image on anything".  In her 37 year-long photographic career, she's been to every corner of the USA, so I guess it's not surprising that on occasion, while pressing the shutter, I've literally been standing in her footsteps . . . .

Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA                      My effort          I actually prefer the composition of my version eliminating the adjacent buildings - also, the cascade from sky to ground & from left to right where the entrance is located was primary for me.

Philip Johnson's Glass House, CT                   My effort          Brilliant idea to capture the black metal in contrast to the white snow.  Hey - the place isn't open to the public in winter !!!

Crown Fountain, Chicago IL                         My effort          I guess I saw the installation as more of a mini skyscraper than a billboard.  OK - I admit giving up after five minutes of no-show volunteers - so I lost the spout of water

Wormsloe Plantation, Savannah GA              My effort          There's only one axis at this location - but you can still play with aspect ratio.

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